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Auto Dealership Services

Let us Help Seal the Deal

Purchasing a vehicle involves a ton of paperwork which often requires notarization. Having a Notary present not only ensures the deal is properly closed but prevents fraud and generates a positive impression on your customers.

Having a Notary who controls your documents from start to finish is not only a courtesy but a necessity, with identity theft and credit fraud being two of the most common and severe crimes that significantly impact auto dealerships. Implementing our professional Auto document signing service can help your dealership avoid wasting precious time dealing with recovering your assets from identity thieves.


Don’t Move We’ll Come to You!

No Long-Term Contracts

Book us when you need us

Fraud prevention

We Reduce the Risk of Fraud by Providing Identity verification and Authentication of your customer.

Emergency After-Hours Availability

Ready when you need us anytime and anywhere


Supreme Notarial Services will help reduce the risk of fraud and speed up the loan process, so you can worry less about identity thieves and more about what matters, serving your new and existing customers.

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