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The Go-To California Traveling Notary Service

At Supreme Notarial Services, we provide our team of trusted professional traveling Notaries to you anytime, anywhere. 

Whenever and Wherever you need us

At Supreme Notarial Services, we provide our team of trusted professional traveling Notaries to you anytime, anywhere. We’re committed to giving our clients the highest quality of service. No Notarial act is too big or too small. Our certified agents are all extensively trained, insured, and bonded, so you can feel at ease in knowing that your important documents will be handled with care and done accurately at your convenience.

Fraud Protection
Background Screened
Book Online 24/7
Satisfaction Guaranteed

It’s time to take the headache out of getting your documents notarized! Our traveling Notary service is stress-free, and we handle every type of document from Power of Attorney to Affidavits. Getting these critical documents notarized used to mean taking time out of your busy schedule waiting in traffic and long lines to find out there is no Notary on staff, or they cannot notarize the document you need. Visiting places like banks and shipping stores that do not specialize in notarizing documents means there is no guarantee.

Supreme Notarial Services is taking the stress and headache out of finding a professional licensed Notary by offering a traveling Notary service that comes to you whenever and wherever you need. We guarantee your documents will be notarized accurately or your money back!



Attorney Services

Save time by offering your clients convenience. We help Attorneys get their important legal documents notarized fast and easy!

Let us help ease your dealership’s workload by providing our team of professional traveling Notaries to you. We’ll help you finish your auto paperwork quickly and reduce your risk of fraud, allowing your dealership to work more efficiently and spend more time serving your customers.

Auto Dealership Services

Trusts, Wills, Advance Healthcare Directive, Durable Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, Limited Power of Attorney, Real Estate Power of Attorney, Revocation of Power of Attorney, Designations of Beneficiary, Business/Property Transfers, Joint Venture Agreements, Ownership Updates, Declaration of Domestic Partnership, Prenups Claim for Abandoned Property and more.

Estate Planning Services

Our Traveling Notaries will conduct the closing for 1 or 2 signers. This service Includes two sets of printed documents, notarizations, collection of all signatures, travel, document drop off. (An extra charge may apply for any additional signers)

Real Estate Loan Closings

Real Estate Services

Deeds, Transfer Agreements, Grants, Trust, Certified Purchasing Documents, Forbearance, Partial Claim, any Documents related to Real Property and, Subordination Agreement, Guaranty Agreement and more

Structured Settlements

Sale of structured settlements, Personal injury settlements, Workers’ compensation settlements, Discrimination settlements, Vaccine injury settlements and more.

Marriage, Family, and Adoption Services

Divorce, postnuptial agreement, Prenup, Spousal Consent, Adoption, Declaration of Domestic Partnership, Parental Consent for Travel, Child custody Agreement, Document custodian form, Statement of Consent (application for Passport for child under age 16) and more.


Financial affidavit, Court affidavits, Self-proving will affidavit, Court affidavits, Affidavit of lost document, Affidavit of identity theft and more.

Additional Services

Application to get Certified Birth Certificate, Release and Waiver, Rental Agreement, Personal Firearm Applications, Liaison Service and more.

Loan Signing Services

Small business loans, Personal loans, Student loans, Debt consolidation, Auto loans, Mortgage Loans and more.


Why Choose Us

Professional Certified Traveling Notaries

All our Notaries are Background checked and extensively trained.


Book a Notary online and we’ll do the rest!

Appointments Available Online 24/7
We Travel

to homes, hospitals, senior communities, or any place of your choosing..

More Security

We offer our clients the highest level of security by handling your documents with care from start to finish.

Fraud Prevention

We reduce the risk of fraud by providing Identity verification and authentication of your customer.

Emergency After-Hours Availability

We’re here to help whenever you need us.

Third party Liability

All our Notaries are Bonded and Carry Personal E&O Insurance.

Less Hassle, Quick Turnaround, More Efficient!
Use us when you need us, No Contracts!
Automatic booking conformation sent to your email
Continuous Communication

Get text alerts and updates each phase of the process.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your documents will be Notarized Accurately or your Money Back!


How it Works

Get a Traveling Notary sent to you. It’s Easy as 1-2-3.


Book online 24/7 at your convenience or call to talk to a live agent


Answer a few questions about your document


Get your documents Notarized!

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